February is the month of love. And today, February 20 is #NationalLoveYourPetDay! So what better timing to launch this super mega contest: The coolest dog in town

In collaboration with: Spa Poilu, De Main de Maître and Wilder Harrier

Super duper contest

The coolest dog in Quebec (or cat, or pig... any pet can participate).

So what's a cool dog? It’s a dog who is awesome, popular and fabulous, of course.

Who is it for?

Your dog has an unusual talent? He plays music, is a champion breakdancer, skateboards, sings, etc, etc ...

Your dog has a touching story? He has an origin story worthy of a superhero movie?

Your dog has an atypical beauty? It is a unusual mixture of breeds, has a handicap or a malformation?

Does your dog have style and a fashionista attitude? His wardrobe is larger than yours? He is handsome and he knows it, he exhibits a certain je-ne-sais-quoi?

If your dog meets at least one of these criteria, this contest is for you!

What do you win?

The winner is going to be awarded the biggest and best of my photo sessions ... the Rockstar Session. The one where everything is put into place to create a unique and iconic image of your furry companion.

The photo shoot must take place in Montreal and includes:

  • any accessory chosen specifically to highlight our star (necklace, scarf, sweater, etc ...)

  • a 20x20 " artwork printed either in acrylic or on metal with your chosen photo of the session

  • a set of metal pins

  • 5 digital photos

+ As needed: canine styling at Spa Poilu or dog trainer from De Main de Maître on site to ensure the well being of the dog if the concept we choose needs it. We will also have plenty of yummy Wilder Harrier treats!

We are going to treat the pup like the star he is. We will create special images and an unforgettable experience.

How to participate

To enter the contest simply send a picture with a short description of how your dog is the coolest dog in town:

Deadline to submit an application: March 31 2019, midnight

The winner will be announced on April 11th.

More surprises to come! Looking forward to seeing the candidates!!!

(non transferable and no money value)