Transform precious moments spent together into wonderful keepsakes. He is part of the family and he means the world to you so why not treat yourselves to a personalized professional photo session?

My photos have a lifestyle feel to them which means I capture spontaneous moments that reflect the unique personality of your pet. The session takes place in a location we pick together to get the images that fit you and your pet. I work with natural light, so your furry friend is as comfortable as can be.

With a degree in Fine Arts and experience as a concert photographer I also have loads of patience with animals! Together we will create amazing artwork as precious as your fur baby. 



The most popular session! We can take the time to let the magic happen and move around to get a good variety of backgrounds. We quit when the animal decides he's had enough! This session is perfect if you want to be included in the photos as well.  We can get a variety of close-ups, action shots, candid and posed moments. The whole kit and caboodle!

The $195 investment includes:

- A consultation by phone to plan out the big day

- Natural light photo session in a location we determine together
to best showcase your dog 

- 1 to 2 hours photo session

- Session in Montreal

- A consultation one week after to choose your photos and displays

PLEASE TAKE NOTE The sessions do not include any images, nor digital nor printed. 

However any image you choose to be printed (large format or album) you will receive a complimentary digital copies of those images.

Payments can be made by credit card and payment plans available.

Products start at $150 and most clients spend a minimum of $300 on their art.



The ultimate shot shoot for your little star. Everything is set up to create a iconic image of your furry companion. In this unique session nothing is spared. It all starts with a meeting where we brainstorm and find an original concept that fits the character of the dog and your tastes. We will find the perfect location and accessories (collar, leash, toy, scarf, sweater, jacket, etc ...) to create an image that is the stuff of legends. In need of some grooming? That is included too!We will create this image that will take the breath away of everyone that sees it. How proud will you be! That is YOUR pup!

What’s included:

- A consultation to find a breathtaking concept and plan the session

- The session 

- Any accessory chosen specifically to highlight our star (necklace, scarf, sweater, etc ...)

If needed:

- Canine styling (grooming or special hair cut)

- Canine assistant (Your dog is anxious? You have more than one dogs and having someone there to make sue things run smoothly? We can have a canine assistant on the shoot to help out.)

- Photo assistant (If we choose a concept that involves smoke or light effects, we can have a person on site to make sure everything goes well and safely) 

- A gorgeous 20 x 20 wall art piece (acrylic or metal) 

- 5 digital photos

All that for $1250

Due to the time required for this special session, there will be just one per month.



Cemetery sessions - Döghaus Montreal, October 4, end of day (rain day Oct. 5). Details to come.

Christmas sessions - Döghaus Montreal, November 24. Details to come.

Seasons Package and Puppy Package: 3 photo sessions within the year. Drop me a note to learn more!!

Photo by Bridget Davey Photography

Photo by Bridget Davey Photography


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